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A technology company delivering turn key automation and control solutions

Specializing in equipment health monitoring, real-time embedded control systems and run-to-run process control.   Our products will improve process capability, reduce product scrap and minimize equipment downtime.


Kevin Stoddard

Graduated with a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.  Kevin is a 30 year semiconductor industry verteran who has worked for Semy Engineering, Semitool, Brooks Automation and Applied Materials. He has published articles in Micro, Semiconductor International and Solid State Technology and holds six patents.

Kostas Tsakalis

Earned a MS in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering both from the University of Southern California.  Kostas is a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University and has consulted with Applied Materials, Honeywell and Motorola. He has authored hundreds of books, conference papers, journals, magazine articles and patents in the areas of integrated system identification, nonlinear controller design and adaptive control systems. 

Corporate Headquarters

Our offices are in the Velocis Park One business complex located in the Camelback corridor of the metropolitan Phoenix area.

InControl Engineering LLC

2111 E. Highland Ave., Suite 301, Phoenix, Arizona 85016

(480) 676-4663

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