Equipment Control Systems

Improve Process Capability of Existing Equipment


Our solutions improve process uniformity, yield, throughput and reliability

Whether you are upgrading a single control component or completely replacing an obsolete/unsupported equipment control system, our state of the art control system systems will breath new life into your manufacturing equipment


Equipment Modeling

Differential equations developed using first principles or empirical modeling techniques to mathematically describe the equipment to optimize the equipment control system

Virtual Sensors

Offline process modeling using sensors embedded in the product being produced to improve process control and uniformity during normal operation

MIMO Control

Advanced control of equipment with multiple inputs (control adjustments) and multiple outputs (sensors measurements) that have interactions or dependencies between each other

Nonlinear Control

Control of complex equipment with either significant variation across operating conditions or over time



Improve Process Uniformity

Superior control improves the process capability and repeatability of your existing manufacturing equipment. 

Increase Product Quality and Yield

Improving the control of critical equipment  sensor measurements will have a positive impact of product quality and yield 

Eliminate Control System Related Maintenance

Advanced control technologies eliminate periodic control system maintenance required by out-dated control systems

Improve Cycle Time

More precise control reduces stabilization phases of your process allowing you to push more product through your equipment   

Turn-key Solution

Our run-to-run process control solutions are not tool kits or science projects.  Immediately benefit from our knowledge working at manufacturing sites around the world where we have already solved the issues you are facing.

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